Arrest the attention of your target audience: singular LED products and highly specialized software allow you to perform “magic with light”! ARTMOS GmbH – the manufacture for light art – enhances the visibility of companies on trade fairs and in public spaces. Let your imagination run free: a great variety of shapes and continuous technical innovations leave hardly anything to be desired. Take the easy-to-handle MOBILE DISPLAYS, the giant video ball LE3D or the versatile modules of  CIRCLED: light, color and moving images shape spaces, invite interaction and create an ARTMOSphere that makes your brand shine.

Innovative LED-Products – Highlight Your Unique Characteristic!

LE3D -
The Video Sphere XXL

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Companies worldwide appreciate ARTMOS products for their quality, technical sophistication and maintenance-friendly, sustainable structure. Our team of lateral thinkers accepts all challenges: stunning animations, strong content and the continuous development of hardware and software according to your demands – “Spot on! ARTMOS makes it possible!”