2017 – Product-Launch: CIRCLED – the Modular System for Rounded Video-Displays

ARTMOS invents and - in cooperation with LEDCON SYSTEMS - sales and markets a brand-new modular system for video-displays. CIRCLED shapes the media spaces of tomorrow! The vision: a broad usage of interactive media displays in public buildings, museums, and modern architecture. Powerful, spectacular, and scalable: As an interactive table for customer acquisition, a slot car racing track attracting fair visitors, or a new trend in interior design. CIRCLED stands for diversity – of shapes, ideas and applications.

2016 – A Performing Arts Company turns into a Technology Service Provider

The focus of ARTMOS GmbH has shifted. The original LED-show used displays to perform magic tricks on stage. The electronic panels served as tools and props for the magicians. Now the technology itself takes centre stage. Innovative products combined with cutting edge software offer a broad range of applications, such as various real-time effects. The LED-show is removed from the portfolio. But the artistic background of the ARTMOS-team continues to inspire the company and flows into marketing strategies, content production, and animations for clients from around the world.

2016 – Product-Launch: MOBILE DISPLAYS – Portable LED Display Modules

The new highlight on fairs and events: ARTMOS launches MOBILE DISPLAYS! The portable display modules are battery operated and wireless. Location-independent and versatile in use: as a digital direction system, announcement panel or advertising board, as a trendy design-element for trade fair stands or as a tool for major shows and events. MOBILE DISPLAYS make it possible. All screens play the same movie, but each panel plays out a different section. A great interplay of people and technology: spectacular animations with magic effects.

2014 – Product Relaunch – LE3D 2.0 Conquers the Market

The video globe LE3D 1.0 is replaced by the successor model LE3D 2.0. Refined image impression: the different shape of the single display modules leads to an even pixel-distribution and gives the globe a truly circular appearance. Sustainability and ease of operation count: the new model is optimized in terms of maintainability and ease of use. 

2013 – ARTMOS Moves – Getting Ready for Expansion

“We simply needed more space and a bigger production hall”, explains Eva de Bruyn. In 2012 the company moves to the Tridelta-Property at Ostkirchstrasse. The order situation is good and the business with sales and rentals of the video globe expands significantly.

In 2013, ARTMOS is distinguished by the German federal government as “Cultural and Creative Pilot 2013” – for the combination of its exceptional business idea with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

2012 – LE3D 1.0 – Ready for Series Production

In cooperation with Expromo Leurocom GmbH ARTMOS rolls out the LED-video globe LE3D 1.0: in piece production, but ready for series production. A video globe with a diameter of 2 meters is also offered for rental. Around the world LE3D – the video globe – satisfies clients and meets their individual demands: as a welcoming gesture at Vodafone Amsterdam, as the center of attraction in event halls on AIDA-cruise-liners or as a highlight in a hotel complex and theme park in Japan.  

2011 – The Inventive Talent - Developing Unique LED-Products

After a year of development the prototype of the video globe LE3D is promoted. The premiere at Duisburger Kraftzentrale is described as “moving – spectacular – an adventure”. To the rhythm of Brazilian drums the LED-sphere transforms from a fireball to an aquarium. The audience is astonished and thrilled.

2007 – The Magic of Light – A Revolutionary Marketing Idea

LED-technology comes into play – Wolfram de Bruyn and Christian Bach develop an LED-show based on a new type of LED-panels. In 2007, they found the ARTMOS GmbH - making use of their magic skills to communicate corporate claims. On gala events and fair exhibitions the LED-show fascinates international crowds. The LED-show is multiply awarded as “The Most Innovate Show” and as “The Lightshow of the Year”.

2002 – Exceptional - Inspiring - Magical – the Background Story

It all begins with a magic moment:  In the midst of a group of role-players performing as medieval jugglers it suddenly happens - two artistic souls meet, fall in love with each-other, and create the vaudeville show “Magic Emotions”. They tour throughout the country and far beyond.  As directors and performers the couple develops their own magical tricks with most spectacular effects. In 2002 they are finally awarded as “German Masters of Magic Art”.