Space - the final frontier: a ball of fire, the globe of the earth, the moon! LE3D – the LED-video globe brings the universe in tangible reach. Stunning 3-D animations captivate audiences with an optimal view from all perspectives. Ideal for use in large event locations, trade fair halls, hotel lobbies, shopping malls or sports arenas. Your marketing message will outshine everything in brightness!

Let your slogans, logos and key visuals radiate around the world! Use clever and impressive real-time effects to create an ARTMOSphere that makes your brand or company shine!  

Sold and marketed by ARTMOS GmbH in cooperation with the producing company Expromo Leurocom. Technology and software have won over satisfied customers world-wide: a video globe welcomes guests in the lobby of Vodafone Amsterdam, two LED-spheres sail around the world on AIDA-cruise liners and another one is in Dubai - in mobile use. 

Interactive and high-performing: the user-friendly control software allows you to show your images or videos – plug and play. The software automatically converts your files for an optimized 3-D-playout without any distortions. Even amateurs can easily apply various real-time effects: Welcome your customers by name, add a social media ticker or invite your guests to assemble your logo as a custom jigsaw puzzle. Almost boundless possibilities for your successful marketing event: LE3D – the video globe by ARTMOS GmbH – in Europe also available for rent.

LED-Marketing as a Path to Success

Permanent Installations with high customer traffic

In lobbies, shopping malls or event locations - LE3D globes surprise by their many possible applications.

Interior Designs with Brilliant Concept

Trade fair constructors, architects and designers use LED-globes to create unique ARTMOSpheres.

Trade Shows with Great Appeal

Our LE3D globe is available for rent all over Europe – custom animations and applications tailored for your corporate presence.


Individual pieces – ready for series production: LE3D is the only LED-video-globe world-wide which is ready for series production and complies with all European standards and certifications. Size and shape can be customized. 

Made in Germany: High-quality, energy efficient and sustainable. Our partner company Expromo Leurocom is part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). 

Responsive LED-Technology: connected to external sensors the video-globe automatically reacts to temperature, brightness, distance, time or more. 

No Colourshift: The sophisticated distribution of high performance LEDs and a 16-bit color depth guarantee a high-contrast color gradient without any colourshift. 

LE3D – The Technical Details

Diameter: 2 m or 3 m as standard

Installation: hanging or upright

Admission: BGV C1

Weight: 410 kg (2 m)

Brightness: 5.000 NIT

Power consumption: 400 V / 16 A (2 m)

Download the technical conditions for installation.


User-friendly interface: Our software allows ARTMOS customers to play their material on the video globe from the first day on. 

Real-time-effects: With the integrated 3D engine you can easily apply various effects, such as text-overlays, countdowns or interactive applications and video games. Far beyond simple sound-to-light effects you become your own light-DJ! 

Staying independent: Animations for the LED-globe can be created by any 3D graphic designer – the ARTMOS software will automatically convert them to comply with the 3D surface of the globe – using either a spherical or cube map.

Taking the next step – and another one: Our team of programmers and creative minds continuously refines and further develops our software. We will be glad to add features to make your visionary project possible!