LED-marketing is more than illuminated advertising! ARTMOS GmbH brings your video-communication to the people. New forms of creative LED-promotion attract large crowds – as a walk-act in the city center or at your trade fair stand. Clear the stage for your brand: let it shine! 

Versatile, easy-to-handle and with magic effects: what makes MOBILE DISPLAYS unique is their interplay with the sophisticated ARTMOS-software. Synchronized multi-screen usage allows for spectacular applications in stage performances, trade-fair shows and product presentations. One moment part of a large screen, single video modules become independent, spread into space and move right into the audience. Put your company into the right light and enchant your customers with a breathtaking and memorable LED-Show.  

Directors, light artists, stage designers and decorators: MOBILE DISPLAYS open up undreamt of possibilities for creative designs. Showcases turn into irresistible eye-catchers, light orchestrations into unquestioned sensations. And even in small-scale applications the video displays show major effects: as a flexible signposting system, portable advertising board or presentation tool for the briefcase. MOBILE DISPLAYS make your marketing message heard, seen and understood!

MOBILE is the Future – How to Reach your Target Groups

Attractive Trade Fair Stands

Decoration – portable advertising board – stage technology. MOBILE DISPLAYS prove successful by their many possible applications.

Customer Retention with Great Spectacles

MOBILE DISPLAYS can flood an entire stadium in light. Multi-media shows excite audiences from around the world and turn into lasting memories.

A Winning Product Launch

Presenting products with the stunning magic of our MOBILE DISPLAYS. Little effort – great effect!


Wireless and versatile: our portable MOBILE DISPLAYS are battery-operated and controlled wirelessly. 

Easy-to-Handle: little effort for setup and use – MOBILE DISPLAYS are provided with tripods and wall mounts. Implemented magnets allow for a smooth combination of the modules to form a multi-screen.  

Bright and Brilliant: MOBILE DISPLAYS impress with a high color brilliance and brightness. Highest quality of hardware and LEDs secure a failure-free operation.

MOBILE DISPLAYS – The Technical Details: 

Measures: 40 cm x 40 ccm

Weight: ~ 3 kg

Pixel Pitch: 6,25 mm

Brightness: up to 2.500 NIT

Battery life: up to 8 hours


What makes MOBILE DISPLAYS unique is their interplay with the ARTMOS-software. The single video screens are wirelessly synchronized. 

All displays play the same video – but each module shows a different section. The result: surprising and ingenious applications that might almost be magic. 

The relayed HDMI signal allows for a combined use with stationary jumbo screens or display boards. The displays can be controlled centrally. 

Bring your marketing message to your audience: location-independent, since our all future is MOBILE.